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I am frequently asked the questions of "When is the best time to book a photoshoot shoot?" My answer is by no means the definitive but here is a guide...


Pregnancy can be a wicked thing, our bodies change in ways we didn't even know were possible, frequently saying to ourselves "well that's new!" But we are hopefully reminded what powerful beings we are, creating life inside of us.

Some of us love documenting our pregnancy others feel it's just a waiting game to the end goal.

Bump photoshoots are best taken around 30 weeks when that bump has really started to pop! This can depend on the pregnancy & person but at this time hopefully all of the morning sickness will have left you & you're still living in that second trimester glow. I offer optional bump sessions as part of my "watch them grow package" This allows you to have a pre baby photo session with me, so by the time baby arrives it feels like welcoming back old friends.

Bump photoshoots can also be booked separately. These can be just you & me taking advantage of a pamper day or with the rest of the tribe.

I love these photos of Suzie at 38 weeks & Margaret at 32 weeks with Erin at 2 years


Some say that newborn photos must be taken within the first 3 weeks of babies life & with fully posed photos this is usually the case. I feel that the newborn stage can be stretched up until the first 12 or so weeks (lets face it we want them to stay tiny forever right?) Take a look at this "at home session" with baby Jack here for a glimpse into my newborn photoshoots.

The closer the photos are taken to baby being born the more they will still be in this sleepy stage, their features will the smaller (ever so slightly) and you are more likely to get photos of baby asleep, but those first few weeks of baby being born can be a bit of a whirlwind! I love taking photos of babies at this stage as everything is still so new & you are definitely still in your own little baby bubble. This said this time is not for everyone.

5-10 weeks - Baby will be starting to be more alert and lets face it you may be feeling more yourself too, dare I say you may even feel a little bit more in a routine! We may get some sleepy shots here still, post feed but there will be more wide eyes & maybe the odd smile even. Also any dry skin or baby acne should have cleared by this stage.

10 weeks plus - If you choose to capture your little one at this stage you are definately starting to find your feet a little more. Your little one will be more awake during the session & getting a fair bit sturdier, holding their head up more & maybe even reaching for you in interaction.


Say what you see! This is a massive milestone in your babies life! Starting to be able to sit on their own (or at least with a mountain of cushions behind them!)

This is a great time to capture some more photos and perfectly fits in with my "watch them grow" package.

Sitting but not yet quite on the move normally happens between 6 - 8 months but there is always the exception to the rule! This is a great time to capture their little personality starting to shine through, toys surrounding them and a lot more interaction. These are possibly my favourite photo sessions, being silly & capturing those smiles.

Toddlers and beyond

Toddling is one of the final massive milestones of your babies first year or so. I love documenting this around your little ones first birthday. This sessions works well as an "at home session" or used as capturing your little ones first birthday, lets face it you only turn one once!   

This is the last of 3 photo sessions offered in my "watch them grow" package normally taken between 12 - 15 months. Keeping me on my toes at this stage chasing after them, snapping away as they exit stage right.

Beyond this is a tonne of possibilities, ask yourself what does your little one really enjoy doing, is that a trip to the farm, playing on the park, walking the dog? The best way to get the best out of your photoshoot is to enjoy yourselves!

What about the glorious British weather?

We live in Great Britain & yes it rains! The best way to look at it is there are always options!  Whether thats following that well known little piggies advice and roll with it "splashing in muddy puddles"  or we can relocate inside. 

Think of activities your little ones enjoy doing on a rainy day,  building blocks, cars, trains, a tea party? Baking? Now the last one may seem a little daunting but there's alot tabe said for preparation, pre make (buy) cupcakes for icing, or just mix the batter ready to pop in the oven later on.  There is always the option to start a photo shoot inside & then head out into those puddles, then there is no worry about being a little bit soggy for the rest of the shoot, i'll say my goodbyes & then you can all head to the sofa for the rainy day duvet film fest!

Don't forget I am here to capture life, with your little ones. It is this "life" that you will have memories of, them running to you excited for the next game of chase, jumping on the bed, laughing at silly faces. Don't be embarrassed as i'm here for the ride & will more than likely join in!


To include big brothers or Sisters to be - 1-2 hours session price - £75

Newborns, Babies, toddlers & beyond

*To include extended family please contact for a quote

“Watch them grow”Package

3 x 1-2 hour sessions

Newborn - 10 weeks

Sitting - 6 - 8 months

Toddling - 12-15 months

Three sessions at £100 (saving £50!)

One digital image included from each session

Digital packages to purchase your photo bundle via your online gallery after your session

All high resolution images provided digitally via an online gallery

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Print as many times as you want - these make fab presents - story boards for your babies firsts

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