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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Evelyn & Ruby

November 2017

I say this alot about my photoshoots, because I love what I do, but I did absolutely love taking these photos. 

Mum Laura had spoken to me about capturing some Christmas shots of Evelyn as she had done the previous year with another photographer. This year she wanted more of a variable back ground & my style of taking photos out of a studio set up sounded perfect.  After Laura mentioning this to Ruby's mum Fran she loved this idea too so we set a date for both the girls when the leaves would be falling & the autumn colours would be shining through.

One thing Laura did ask for was the addition of a bit of sparkle to her photos. Due to my style being more natural I was wary of this distracting from the image & looking over processed & over editted, something which I am not so keen on. So after chatting over styles & looking over pinterest boards (got to love pinterest!) we were ready to go!  The outcome - One very happy photographer, two very happy mummies & two little girls who had a magical time playing Christmas & glitter blowing! 

My Competition Winners - Oskar & Ralph

September 2017 

So back in May this year I ran a competition to win a free photos shoot including 5 images. Natalie & her wonderful boys were my winners and I couldn't have asked for a better family!   

Natalie had asked to have their photos taken in September which was just after Oskars 1st Birthday so the little man was more his feet.  Even though we did have to have a shout of "Man down" every now & then! (I think he enjoyed the leaves!)

Natalie choose Beacon Hill in Leicestershire for the photos to be taken as they loved the outdoors, they wanted to capture this as the back drop. I love this time of year from September onwards when the leaves start to turn & the autumn colours start to show through. The sunshine breaking through the trees gives such a fantastic light, everything looks so soft & magical.

The boys were in their element in the woods, Ralphs love of spiders was adorable, he loved spotting them & pointing them out to me. Having the space to run & be free is invaluable for my photo shoots, letting children explore their surroundings just allows me to capture the most precious of memories.

I hadn't explored this part off Beacon Hill for a while & actually took my own little one back there the following week. It's so quite it's like having your own wood to explore. We went on a bear hunt through squelchy mud  & the big dark forest.

Keep an eye out for my next blog where I went back to these woods with Evelyn & Ruby for a magical Christmas shoot!

A summer visit to Gwen & Martha

August 2017

Wow I can't believe it's been a month since I last wrote a blog! I have been very busy, lots of family time including our little ones first camping trip at Wicksteed Park! I would highly recommend camping with your little ones, the freedom of running around in a field, constant picnics, late nights way past bed times, running round crazy with a torch 10pm, love it! Complete family time letting kids be kids!

So here I am sharing some of the gorgeous photos from Gwen & Marta's shoot back in August. I first visited Gwen & Martha back in December as my last shoot before Christmas when Martha was just 5 months old. Now at 1 year & on the move it was so lovely to see the girls interacting with each other. Lots of play, including jumping on the bed (of course!). It was a gorgeous sunny day so we even manager some time in the garden in the sand pit & Dad even got out the hose which Gwen thought was hilarious!

Mum Hannah had asked if I could fit in some photos with her Grandma so the girls Great Grandma who is 93 years old, of course I said yes. I love seeing generations of families together,  there is something so special about it & of course photos to to cherish forever.

Thank you Hannah for being such a fab family to work with x

Isla & Matilda - My first set of twins!

July 2017

This is something i've wanted to do for a while, get my first set of twins to capture! After Beth had been tagged in a competition I was running earlier this year, I knew she was expecting twins so I got in contact & offered her a little twinning discount if I could have her gorgeous girls as my first.


From first contact Beth was so easy to work with & on entering their beautiful home I could tell we were both on the same page for what we wanted to capture. These girls are very special little ladies who Mummy & Daddy have been waiting for and aren't they just so blessed, so much love in this house.

The girls and Tom & Beth were all so chilled out, catching a little bit of Tour De France on arrival! We set to work capturing the images of them as a four first off, most of the time someone always has to be behind the camera missing being in the pic. With these captured time to move on to some of the girls together & then each on their own. Both of them having a little snooze mid shoot so the other could be in the lime light for a while. Their little characters are already starting to shine through, this is one of the reasons why I love capturing this age, the girls were around 2 months old at the shoot. They are more alert so you get some lovely eye contact but also the chance of some snoozy shots, looking all angelic & calm.

It was so hard to choose the images to put into my blog (remember you get 30-50 images included in your package which you can vew, share & download on your online gallery) so I have started a twin page, take a look HERE

If you would like more information or to chat to me about booking a shoot please get in touch through my Contact Page .

There is tonnes of information of my booking page .

Ultimately you will find your perfect photographer from looking at their images & if its something you like then bingo you've found them!  My style is quite different from studio based photographers, I come into your home which can of course be daunting but my aim is to capture you & you children having fun. If you're having fun this will shine through in your photos!

Have a lovely week!

From Primrose to Poppies

July 2017

Wow, simply, wow was the heading of my recent Facebook post about these gorgeous poppies! They have all just suddenly bloomed filling three whole fields full of these breathtaking flowers!

So needless to say this is what I've spent the first part of this week doing! How could you not take advantage of such beauty. After a little battering by the rain over the weekend they are still standing tall with a few pods left to flower.

After taking some photos of my little one on Sunday (he was much more interest in heading to our next destination of B&Q = the best play ground ever!) We headed back with his little friend Henry & mummy Sophie on Monday afternoon.

These boys have so much love of each other & it really shows, they definately have safety in numbers for the cheekiness factor but who could resist those faces! Plus their little hugs at the end of their play dates are just magical! Needless to say they were both pros and I managed to get some wonderful images of them each on their own and together. Sneaking in a couple of mummy Sophie & Henry at the end too.

I was asked recently about portraying the maturity of children within my photos, and oh my goodness it hit me with these. I found my self just staring at my little 2 1/2 year old thinking where has that time gone. He looks so grown up in these photos, standing tall & proud. No props, no fancy backgrounds (unless you count the poppies!) no fancy sunday best outfit. Just ready to explore & take on the world. God knows we need a bit of this feeling at the moment.

Thats enough of my gushing, just two more images to share below, my gorgeous grown up boy & little apprentice, standing by mummies side.


June 2017

I absolutely love these photos of Primrose at 14 days & big sister Florence who has just turned 4!

I was approached by Mum Janine back when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Primrose, knowing exactly what she wanted for her newborn photos. She had already had some photos taken of Florence when she was newborn & wanted the same style & relaxed feel.

Enough from me here's some of Janines own words...

"We would highly recommend Louise for family photos. From the inital enquiry stage to receiving the photos the experience has been simple and easy. In addition to this, great value for money and copyright to all the photos taken to enable your own printing etc.

Louise has a style of photography that we particularly liked, but was also very accomodating with regards to certain shots we wanted.

The photoshoot itself was very relaxed as was in our home and Louise was great with Florence, our 4 year old, as well as being very patient with Primrose when she required feeding on the day. I didnt feel rushed or pressured in any way and Louise made sure we had all of the shots we wanted prior to ending the shoot.

Despite providing a reasonable timescale for providing us with the photos we received the photos much sooner than expected and we absolutely love them. Thank you very much Louise! "

Thank you for being such a wonderful family to work with& I look forward to seeing you again soon x

Playing Trains with Edward & Eva

April 2017

"Can't recommend Louise (and Room to Grow) enough. From the simple and flexible booking process through to the day itself, she was really great to work with. She managed to put both of our children (a toddler and 6 month old) at ease almost immediately. The shoot was so relaxed and unforced, resulting in gorgeous, natural family photographs, full of personality, with our own home as the backdrop. The only hard part is working out which ones to pick for the mantelpiece! Thank you so much, Louise."

I thought I would start this blog post off with a few lovely words from the family of this shoot. I try so hard to make things as simple as possible from booking to making your photo session enjoyable & as stress free as possible. I know all too well from having a toddler myself trying to fit everything in can be a nightmare sometimes! Letting your children be themselves is all I can ask from you, letting them play & enjoy their time (I'm just there to capture the moments!)

For Edwards & Evas session this meant having 40 winks for Eva & playing with trains for Edward! I think Dads parting words summed up the session "As soon as Edwards knew you knew the Thomas Tank Engine theme tune you definately had one foot through the door" Oh yes thats right I don't mind playing the fool, singing a little song or sitting there with a train on my head pretending not to know!

We had lots of giggles as always on this session but one that makes me smile every time we looking out of the window to spot planes and having a perfectly timed private plane fly right over the garden! Everyone face was a picture & Edward that was definitely a special treat for you!


It was really hard to choose which images to share with you for this one, so here's a few more

Grandma, Mummy & Florence at 3 Months

April 2017

Here are a few photos of the gorgeous Florence from her sessions back at the beginging of March.

I had met Linda (Grandma) & Suzanne at a baby fair I had attended late last year, Linda had remembered how much Suzanne had loved my photos so thought it would be a lovely gift for when baby girl arrived.

Linda had said that this was a mummy daughter day for Suzanne & Florence but would be on hand if needed. So I thought I would take the opportunity to get some precious photos of three generations together. It really is true what they say that you only appreciate what your parents have done for you when you become a parent yourself. I know this is true for me, especially thinking all of the emotions & decisions you have to make now for your own family.

I love the bond these three showed, we definitely had a few giggles along the way to capturing Florence' early memories. She definitely made me work for those smiles but when we got them they were the cheekiest smiles around! 

This is such a lovely age to capture your little ones as their character is starting to shine through. For more pics of slightly older ones please take a look at my Babies gallery x

At home with Jenson

March 2017

So... I have been so busy lately with bookings from my #blackfriday offer I ran back in November, this was a fantastic offer which enabled you to purchase your photo session at the discount but use it later in the year (I am good to you, he he)

This was a session booked by mum Amie for a photo session at home with Jenson now 6 months old, this is a wonderful time to have photos taken as little ones are starting to sit independently & are very aware of the world around them. I have taken photos of mum Amie & Jenson as a bump at 33 weeks on a VERY hot July afternoon. Amie was a superstar & we even managed to fit in a walk with dog Eddie to get some photos out in the sun in the surrounding countryside. Take a look at Amies gorgeous bump photos here.

I was delighted to be invited back to capture Jensons 6 month milestone. Amie being a keen photographer herself had been snapping away since Jenson was born but like lots of us someone always has to be behind the camera so it's rare to get photos of the full family unit.

Here are just a few of my favourites from the session, ultimate favourite of this one of Jenson & big brother Eddie casting a watchful eye (spot the bow tie on Eddie, so handsome, next time we'll get them in matching ones!)

Couldn't resit sharing these of Jenson having a snack, god I love watching kids enjoy their food!

A wee Scottish Adventure

March 2017

At the beginning of March my lovely husband decided to take me away, this was a belated Birthday present from January, well actually it was a belated Birthday present from the previous year. With me turning 30 and our son turning 1 within days of each other we had to let the little fella have a little bit of the lime light.

So it was off to Edinurgh we went, with only being in the city for about 30 hours we wanted to rest & unwind but also try and take in as much as we could. Needless to say with any of you who have met me I am most definitely a dog lover. So first on my list of sights to see was the Grey friars Bobby Statue, being completely touched by the story of the little Skye Terrier laying watch over his owners grave for 14 years after his passing. It was customary to give the little dogs nose a rub & after having a little giggle at one person struggling to reach the statue, little did I know I would be in the same position being (slightly) vertically challenged!

Next to the statue stands Greyfriar Kirk grave yards where both dog & owner are buried, after seeing that many people had lay a stick on Bobbies grave I of course had to go searching for the perfect stick, Simon also remembered after swotting up on Edinburgh to become my tour guide that this cemetery houses Tom Riddle's grave (Not the real one obviously!) Yes that does mean I'm a bit of a Harry Potter Geek!

After the afternoon of sight seeing & getting our bearings it was time for the evenings surprise, Gin tasting at the Heads & Tales Gin Bar. An under ground celar bar dedicated to everything Gin. We learnt about the history of gin which got surprisingly more interesting as the evening went on *hic* We now know that Simon is definitely not a fan of gin but I most definitely am.

The next day we had decided to get up early & head off to Arthurs Seat the main mountain in Edinburgh offering panoramic views of the city & beyond. This 822 ft walk (climb!) was rather slippy after a few heavey downpours from the week before & I definitely had to use my inner mountain goat at some points! The views did not disappoint. After seeing one girl take a tumble at the summit, the international language of "ouch" was definitely felt by every nationality up there.

After our climb we definitely deserved a decent feed so we headed off to Broughton Road Deli for brunch. This did not disappoint with a true scottish fry up if epic proportions! Simon being ever the trier of different things went for the Pacakes with black pudding, poached pears & maple syrup, by the empty plate in front of him after moment, I can say that this also did not disappoint!

This stop allowed me to get a chance of baby cuddles with my friends new arrival. I had the pleasure of taking photos for Margaret including baby as bump & soon to be big sister before she headed back up the road home to scotland. We had made friends through our babies when attending a tiny talk group when they were just months old. It was so lovely to be able to catch up, you know you've made a good friends when you can chat for hours & not realise the time.

After having our fill of brunch & baby cuddles it was time for just a few more sights & presents to buy before heading back off to the airport & homeward bound. Thanks Edinburgh we had a blast.


Lovely families from way back when

February 2017

There is always something quite special about being asked to take precious family photos for me, it seems like a privilege to be asked into someones home.

This extended family photo session was no different but it was made even more special by being invited back to a family home I had spent many hours in growing up, playing dolls, pretending to be Spice Girls and a few years on maybe even having a few late nights!

Jane asked me to take some photos due to her ever growing family and it was such a delight to see every getting together to share the day (plus lunch smelt delicious, I hope you all enjoyed!) We had 4 family groups plus photos of each grandchild with grand parents, Aunties, Uncles, plus getting the dogs involved too! I had already taken some photos of Nancy when she was just 8 weeks old but after meeting Oscar I learnt he hadn't had any photos taken yet so we managed to get a few of those in too!

Thank you for having me once again and enjoy your wonderful family x 

Half Term Madness

February 2017

Well today's the first day of February half term, me & a couple of mummy friends decided to hit the soft play even though none of our children are of school age & we could go any time we wanted the rest of the year! The munchkins had a fantastic time & we got to drink coffee! There were a couple of instances of using the "Mum voice" to stop a few head injuries from the bigger kids but it truly shattered our little ones out! I think they enjoyed the chase!

We have been practicing out CHEEEEESE face today before nap time, some were definitely more successful than others! My little one is loving his bear hunt book at the moment after watching the programme over christmas, it was a massive hit! But does mean lots of hiding under blankets from the BEAR!

Natural photography is all about capturing your childs true personality & their favroute things to do at that time in their lives! This is certainly true from these photos, bear hunt, check, silly smiles, check, bouncing on the bed, double check!

blog second one toddler 

The first one!

January 2017

Yes it's only little!

So! I have decided to try and write a blog about my photography & family sessions, detailing my style & just what I love about natural photography. Each photo session I do is so different & full of it's own charm as is each family I meet.

This plus family life of raising my little boy, numerous dog walks & general mumming... I'm looking forward to it!

Now I'm not promising one every week but here's a start! Lets see what the next one brings!

Blog First One

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